Review: RXM Reality – Sick for You

Quite blown away by how beautiful this record is under the wash of flashing sample-gore, noise, and screaming. The melodic and rhythmic elements still shine through all of it. Of course there is a level of chaos and harshness that extends past where previous efforts have gone. While my favorite tracks definitely have the more grounded of the bunch, I can’t help but think “life is shit” is the perfect example for the record. Released as the one preview track, with associated music video, it really sets the stage for the whole of the experience. Between that and the album art, an isometric view of a cyber-hellscape in the style of Bosch, the vision of this project is quite clear.

I mentioned that my favorite tracks encompass a more grounded song structure so I’ll start there. “you can have all my body” and “ox” are two back-to-back bangers. The former hits a more melancholic note, emulating something you’d hear on an Elysia Crampton record. I love the tension that is created in leveraging differentiating the primary sample’s beat patterns. “ox” is a much more traditional Deconstructed Club, but doesn’t leaving any breathing room after the previous track. The hell rave just begins. Another track in this vein I love is “i’m going dumb”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard midi horns that sound like they have razor blades attached, they are that sharp and piercing.

In between the tracks I listed above are some more similar ones, but also the meaty depths of the brutality. Tracks like “sick for a beauty i remember”, “baby”, and “c ring” are some of the more guttural and uncomfortable on the whole record. “tease” is just straight Industrial Hardcore, a very harrowing and chaotic track. The samples of the yelling and yelping really enhance the track as well, I really can’t get enough of this discomfort.

It’s hard to say whether I like this more than 2021’s Advent, but believe me when I say I will be revisiting specific tracks from this release more. It’s a bit sticker in that way. While the former had an amazing album experience I find myself liking individual tracks on this more. In any case, if you want some nightmarish experimental electronic music that will leave you sweating, this is the album for you.

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