Oblivion Access 2022

Oblivion Access Music Festival, May 12th-15th @ Austin, Texas

Look above you to the best modern festival lineup. Death Metal, Ambient, Hip-Hop, Synth Punk and more flavor this festival to the brim. With four days of the great music in downtown Austin, Texas spanning multiple venues on the west side of I-35, this is bound to be one for the ages.

After two years of a pandemic pause from it’s initial date in 2020, the festival is finally happening. I bought my tickets pretty much when they went on sale, so hopefully you can imagine how restless I am waiting for the 12th to come. A long drive from Kansas City awaits me that Thursday, but it will be forever worth it.

I am planning to write about my time there as it happens, so stay tuned. While I can’t see everything, I hope to document the good, bad, and in-between.


P.S. Hit me up in my DMs if you are attending!

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