Music Out of the Moon – Harry Revel, Les Baxter & Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman (1947)

Album cover for record mentioned in title. Scene of woman laying on what looks to be shiny silver satin with green cursive text overlaid in with the album title.

Hey all, been a while since I lasted posted. Been a crazy few months since starting a new job and kind of lost my writing mojo for a bit. Feeling up to again and noticed something in my music library that was quite exciting.

Screenshot of music library; 2,999 albums, 1044.2 Gigabytes, 111.7 days of music
Crippling music addiction.

I’m sure something else will come along shortly but in the meantime, I decided it would be fun to run through some of my favorite records of all time. A little bit of a reanalysis of my entire library so far.

For my first pick I found it fitting to pick the earliest full LP that I have, Les Baxter’s and company’s Space-Age Pop mood piece, Music Out of the Moon.

On the whole, maybe it isn’t the most awe inspiring selection of tracks. The use of theremin itself may even been to much of a deal breaker for some. There is something so magical about this record for me though. Sure with it’s kitschy aesthetic and lounge-ready form there isn’t a ton of substance, but there is a great shine of optimism to these tracks. It’s almost out of this world, though I feel that was the intended effect. I imagine this would be a great fit for spaceport commercial. Unoffensive but perfectly describes the scenery of the “futuristic” look at the coming space age. I can’t guarantee it will be your favorite, but it’s an absolutely unique and forward-thinking sound for the era.

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