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Cokie the Clown - You're Welcome (2019)

April 26, 2019

Cokie the Clown - You're Welcome (2019)


So this is uh…hard to describe. So we have here a singer of one of the seminal Skate Punk bands of the 90s, Fat Mike of NOFX. He is going under the persona of Cokie the Clown, which is represented by the album cover of course. I can’t say Fat Mike was ever a great singer so when it became apparent most of the tracks were going to be sad ballads, my brain started folding in on itself.

The lyrics are extremely dramatic and many times just straight cringe-inducing. Below is from the song “Negative Reel”

Society judges through a black and white prism
Leads me to cynical pessimism
The best way I see living is by giving up hope
I see the world through a rose-colored microscope
I see patterns no one else can see, in SwItZerlANd I see reverse

Multiply that by his singing and…god what a bad album! The instrumentation doesn’t even come close to saving this album either. This uninspired Indie Rock/Alternative Rock/Pop Punk slop that feels extremely outdated and makes what is a somewhat short album seem to last extra long. I can’t tell if this is an act by Fat Mike here but in either case it just straight does not land. In fact this is just plain sad. I hope Fat Mike gets help if he needs it, this album was just uncomfortable in all the wrong ways and just airs of a crisis for him.