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David Thomas Broughton - The Complete Guide To Insuficciency (2005)

May 30, 2020

David Thomas Broughton - The Complete Guide To Insuficciency (2005)

At most times, this is as barebones as a Folk record can get. A musician and their guitar. To be honest if it was just that I would probably skip this in the future. David Thomas Broughton however is more than a simple guitarist, he was able to craft droning folk music that surprisingly caught my ear.

Just a twinge of reverb on his acoustic guitar passages across the whole thing, Broughton yet is able to fill the space with his own unique vocals. Whether alone or overdubbed, he’s able to deliver the short poetic phrases that would fall flat in a shorter song. Yes the droning writing really allows the stake to be driven into the ground.

My favorite tracks have to be the heart-crushing “Unmarked Grave” and the psychedelic “Ever Rotating Sky”. The latter of which ended my second listen spectacularly, lying on my bed under the influence and staring at the ceiling. I really admire the uniqueness of his various production techniques and additional instrumentation provided to these long passages, really lets the track breathe and continue living. Let alone that after listening, I found out this was all written in one go at a church, lending the bells to the mix as well as the overdubbing of the original recording.

This is super unique record that will take a lot of focus to drift into, but the return is fantastic.