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GFOTY - GFOTV (2019)

November 15, 2019

GFOTY - GFOTV (2019)

On one hand, I accept the general quirkiness of GFOTY and think the overall minimalistic production that flows through the jingles is quite pretty. The last track is an especially meaty morsel given it’s length compared to the rest of the track-list. However each of the main TV-centric tracks flow so well into one another, that the whole album almost feels like one big track. I mean with total run-time with last song excluded being around 7 1/2 minutes, it’s hard for it not to and be at least semi-successful. The lyrics describing each track’s TV show are cute and clever and add some good charm.

On the other hand, this is basically just a drive-by shit-posting of TV shows and not even the last track can save it from being a novelty. Even with it’s quick run-time, I don’t see myself having a desire to come back to this. Honestly a huge disappointment coming from 2017’s GFOTYBUCKS. The majority of tracks could have easily just been one medley of tracks that appeared on a much larger scope release.

At the end of the day I feel like I understood what she was going for here, but a much more fleshed out project would have done much better. There just isn’t enough to grasp on to at all. It’s worth a listen once I suppose, but don’t expect this to be something you want to throw on again and again. Perhaps this is just a teaser project but even at that it stands as unimpressive and quite frankly has me scratching my head as to why this was the project I’ve been hyped about for so long this year and the project that followed up one of my favorite releases of the decade.

Also that album art can just please go ahead and

leave this Earth and never return