Chat Pile/meth./Bummer/Nerver – recordBar – May 29th, 2022

Show promo picture for Chat Pile, meth., Nerver, Bummer at recordBar, Kansas City, MO

So I saw a bunch of noisy live acts this past Sunday night at recordBar, a Kansas City venue just South of I-70 on Grand Boulevard. It was my first time at this venue. I had heard second-hand about how they basically turn the volume up loud to counterbalance the less than ideal sound quality. But hell if anything it played to the groups that were on the bill. In no way could that could not stop me from seeing Chat Pile, especially before the release of their upcoming LP God’s Country. I definitely made the right decision. Chat Pile was definitely the star that night but overall it was a killer show top to bottom.

The two KC groups had a great showing. Nerver and Bummer played some great sludgy Noise Rock, a great lead-in to the remaining out of town acts. The former had a much more Hardcore energy to them, which I appreciated. I am excited to check out the new upcoming record they announced at the show, Cash. Bummer had an equally great showing. It felt like the show was really getting along when this trio got up. The riffs, the riffs, the riffs! The lead singer and bassist, Matt Perrin, was such a showman too. I always appreciate the betweener banter, one that stuck out was asking the crowd what their favorite motivational sports movie was. I’d be hard pressed to remember any specific answers but my take is Rudy or Rocky. Underdog works his butt off to get his chance in the spotlight, even if the glory isn’t all that great. It’s the payoff of the hard work that counts.

But anyways…back to the music.

meth.’s set was a real highlight. Really intense Mathcore/Screamo type beat. They brought their own lighting that painted the venue in a low and deep red light. Also there was a electronics rig that the lead singer, Sebastian Alvarez, used to drown us in noise. Very fitting to the tone of the music too. The pit that formed during this set was pretty involved from where I was standing. Some guy decided to basically do a couple wind-sprints across it’s diameter and kicked the shit out of my shin. Hah, part of the game I suppose! With that in mind, I was shocked when Sebastian came down with his mic stand and stood in the middle of the pit singing, a torrent of people moshing around him. A real cool sight to see, a really remarkable way to close off the set.

Okay, so now to talk about Chat Pile.

Let’s hypothetically say I have list of top ten new groups that haven’t released a debut LP yet. Chat Pile is at the top of that list for me. Their slow drip of material over the past few years has been nothing short of excellent. From the EP’s This Dungeon Earth and Remove Your Skin Please to a handful of singles, this Oklahoma City group perfectly encapsulates that I35 stretch between Wichita and Dallas. Bleak and sludgy Noise Rock that has excited me to no end. Hey, I get my kicks that way.

While unfortunately there was a technical mishap on the 808s, it was nothing short of an awesome close to a show and tour. Maybe it was my placement right at the stage, but the set sounded fucking great! Obviously a fan of the already released material but the cuts of the upcoming record have me so excited. “Why” was a particular favorite. I’m already a fan of their other stuff so it’s easier, but this heavy music having what are hooks is next level. It’s so cathartic to scream along “DAAAVVVIIISSS” or “SELL MY BODY TO ARBY’S”. Gotta shout out Raygun Busch (aka Randy Rulz) for really tying together the whole experience. I had seen evidence of this before so it wasn’t a shock, but going out barefoot and barechest with some super comfy looking cloth shorts is the ideal. Normalize cloth shorts! Loved his banter too as he was struggling with naming films actually filmed in KC. Yeah turns out not a lot! Superhero Movie being the most popular one on the list was not exactly a shining star on our reputation. But hey those movie tax credits are elsewhere I suppose.

Overall it was such an electric environment. The whole tour and show crew, along with the audience of course, was diving off stage right over my head. Remember me mentioning Matt Perrin? I think that dude dove like six times. What a champion. The night was just fucking awesome, everyone was having a blast and outside some minor technical issues, went off without a hitch. If only KCPD curfew didn’t have to kick us out at midnight, but what can you do.

Check out all the bands most recent material below, highly recommend it all.

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